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Technical Overview

ATSsim is powerful, web-based solution used for disaster training and exercise management that provides users with a simulation environment that is built upon realistic and authoritative data and scalable to meet the ever changing technology landscape. Our platform was designed around Department of Defense Joint Event Lifecycle (JELC) and FEMA Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) enabling organizations the ability to drive their exercises using their data and their processes.

In addition, ATSsim offers the flexibility to adapt and incorporate specific needs and requirements of any organization. With its customizable features and adaptable framework, the platform can seamlessly integrate an organization’s unique data, processes, and methodologies. This ensures that each organization can tailor the platform to align with their specific training objectives, organizational structure, and desired outcomes. ATSsim empowers organizations to drive their exercises using their own data and processes, providing a comprehensive and tailored solution that maximizes the effectiveness and relevance of their training and exercise programs.


Licensed users to ATSsim are provided with the following services:

Detail Service


ATSsim is a web-based platform, accessible through internet browsers, enabling remote access and interaction.

The platform uses a microservice architecture, allowing independent deployment of components. Containerization technology, like Docker is used for efficient management.

The technology utilizes widely accepted modern web frameworks for scalability, performance, and compatibility.

The platform supports deployment on various cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP) or on-premises hosting.

The technology provides interfaces for authorized users to manage organization-specific data, including sources, configurations, access controls, and permissions. This enables effective customization to meet specific needs.

The platform supports an Open API (Application Programming Interface) architecture, allowing easy integration with external systems and enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability between ATSsim and other applications or services. This fosters flexibility and promotes integration with various systems used by the organization.