Event Planning


ATSsim introduces event planning features that enable users to conduct overall program management activities throughout exercise design, development, execution, and evaluation.

Program Management Support

Our exercise design experts will help you identify and refine your preparedness priorities to ensure that your training program aligns with your organization’s training goals and objectives.

Planning Support

As part of our planning support package, our subject matter experts will work with you to create a Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) through a series of planning and synchronization meetings. In these meetings, our experts work with you to create the framework for exercises that truly test and validate your organization’s response to disasters or emergencies.

Event Planning Features

The White Cell operation far exceeded expectations and added complexity across the operating environment; ensuring that our incident scene, EOC and EFAC were constantly tested via simulations and injects.  They tested my staff and my staff enjoyed the experience as it added a degree of realism never achieved before.”

Army Garrison Commander

Exercise Conduct


ATSsim is a single application tool with features and capabilities to support table-top exercises (TTX), staff trainings (STAFFEX), command post exercises (CPX), functional exercises, full-scale exercises (FSE), and discussion-based exercises with a team of experts to provide exceptional exercise support.  

Cloud-based, Virtual and Safe

ATSsim is a cloud-based, password protected platform which makes it easy to conduct both remote and on-site exercises in a safe, virtual environment.

Unmatched Realism

Our exercise experts provide on-site or remote support throughout exercise conduct to ensure that training objectives are met and that the exercise provides valuable, realistic training for the training audience. We also offer an exercise library with sharable exercise components and a simulation component library to store information about entities, icons, effects, entity class, and task organizations.

On-Site Support from our Team of Experts

During exercise conduct, our team will help provide dynamic support by adjusting injects or exercise scenarios to adapt to the training audience’s performance and your organization’s training needs.

Exercise Conduct Features

Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)


ATSsim features a Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) tool that allows you to easily build and manage your own MSEL.

Collaborate, Organize and Synchronize

With ATSsim Training’s MSEL tool, you can work collaboratively in a virtual environment to build and manage your MSEL in real time. Stay organized and synchronized by leveraging the approval and editing features within the MSEL builder. Whether your team is in the same location, or working remotely, you can meet your planning and design goals with this seamless, cloud-based planning tool.

Flexible MSEL Building Options

The ATS MSEL tool provides inject traceability back to organizational training objectives and tasks to ensure that these goals are met.  For organizations that prefer to build the MSEL in an offline format, it allows them to build the MSEL using a spreadsheet template and then import it into ATSsim for exercise execution.  All changes to injects are tracked and a user is able to revert back to a previous version of an inject at any time during the MSEL development process.  

Customize Inject Delivery

During exercise execution, the MSEL tool will automatically send out injects at their assigned time, if approved for execution.  Injects can be tailored to the type of exercise being conducted and sent out via email, SMS text messaging or to communication/notification tools built into ATSsim.  The MSEL Manager is able modify the inject content, mode of execution and approval status during exercise execution in response to changing conditions in the exercise without disrupting the exercise. 

MSEL Features

Observer and Evaluator


ATSsim features an Observer/Evaluator tool which makes it easy to capture and document the training audience’s performance during an exercise. This information can be used to create robust and detailed reports to identify areas of proficiency and areas of improvement for your organization. Training observation and evaluation allow for data analysis, to include both actionable and valuable feedback.

Reporting Metrics

ATSsim offers support with after-action reports, key observations, lessons learned, training objective assessment, training participation reports, user login activity reporting, and exercise summary reports.

Mobile Evaluation

Mobile evaluation, observation, and data collection capabilities make it easy for Observers/Evaluators to capture their observations in the field and on the go.

Additional Features

Other features of ATSsim for Observers/Evaluators Include data storage in the ATSsim database for AAR, lessons learned, and other requirements; Performance metrics for measurement and assessment against tasks; Identification of key observations, themes, and trends, that may lead to lessons learned; Identification of overall themes and trends to assist with after-action reporting and Improvement and corrective action planning activities.

Observer and Evaluator Features

Artificial Intelligence


At ATS we know what kind of impact artificial intelligence is having on the world. That’s why we have leveraged AI to help clients create exercise content, develop training and create information-rich training environments for exercises.

Enriching the Media Space

To create robust, exercise content in a virtual space, our developers have created a program that auto populates our media emulation platform, ATSsim Media. Now, our clients can have a realistic and complex virtual training environment at the touch of a button. 

AI Assistant

Creating exercise content can be difficult and time consuming. One of our newest solutions is an AI assistant that helps exercise designers create quality content in a fraction of the time. Whether you need a feature news story, social media posts or a press release, our AI Assistant is here to help. 

Unmatched User Experience

User experience is one of our top priorities. That’s why ATS developers created our AI features to be intuitive and easy to use. 

Artificial Intelligence Features

Augmented Reality


As a leading software development company with a decade-long experience in modelling, simulation, and training software applications, we have evolved to incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) technology into our portfolio. With a strong grasp of current and emerging technology trends and practices, we are equipped to design, develop, and deliver AR solutions that redefine user experiences and interactions.  We are dedicated to providing solutions that are not tied to one specific platform or technology, but rather working with our clients to identify, define and develop solutions that meet their unique needs.

Augmented Reality Capabilities Include:

  • AR Application Development
  • AR in Training and Simulation
  • AR Integration
  • Geo-located AR
  • Maintenance and Support
  • AR Consultancy

Augmented Reality

Ready for anything.

ATSsim Suite is a full-spectrum, web-based, versatile disaster training and exercise platform that provides users with a simulated training environment that is realistic and scalable to meet the needs of the user. ATSsim integrates Homeland Security and Department of Defense requirements to provide disaster management teams the ability to train their teams at the same time while meeting national requirements.

Media and Social Media Emulation

ATSsim Media is a cloud-based, password-protected, virtual media and social media emulation platform. It replicates social media, blogging, video sharing sites and traditional media. This realistic media training tool will take your information operations and public messaging training to a new level. 

Simulated Virtual Training Environment

ATSsim Training is a proven simulated training environment and platform providing realistic and scalable disaster response training. This cloud-based training enables organizations to test and validate their skills with real-time results and obstacles they would face in a real emergency or disaster.

A Virtual Decon Site

Learn the different roles of a decontamination
site by experiencing them in an interactive, 3D, virtual training environment


Easy Set-Up


Train together using a combination of different roles all working together in synergy. Roles that are not occupied by players will be performed automatically. No minimum player count is required.

With a click of a button, bring any ATSsim Decontamination Site to the 3D world. Event entities will be decontaminated and processed by players in the game before transitioning back to ATSsim.

Detailed and accurate reporting information is shared between ATSsim and our 3D training environment to provide insight for both real-time and retrospective analysis.